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Warehouse Accident Attorney Georgia

Warehouse Accident Attorney Georgia

When a warehouse accident causes fatal injuries, it is important for surviving loved ones to connect with a warehouse accident attorney Georgia residents trust. It can be undeniably difficult to take the first step forward in regards to exploring your legal options after you have suffered a tragic loss. However, it is important to take the time to do so, as you and your family may be entitled to significant compensation. Obtaining this compensation is a time-sensitive issue, as the law only permits loved ones so long to file a workers’ compensation death benefits claim and so long to file a wrongful death claim. If you wait too long to speak with fatal work accident attorneys Georgia residents trust with such cases, you may be barred from seeking this compensation to which you’d otherwise be entitled.

Workers’ Compensation Death Benefits In Georgia

Not all surviving loved ones are eligible to receive workers’ compensation death benefits. Georgia law strictly enforces limitations concerning eligibility. As a result, it can be very helpful to meet with our experienced team as soon as you can, whether you’re confident in your eligibility/ineligibility for these benefits or not. Even if you are ineligible to receive these benefits – perhaps because your loved one worked as an independent contractor or because you don’t have a qualifying relationship with the deceased – you may be entitled to alternative forms of compensation. We can help to clarify your rights and to exercise any options that are applicable to your situation. Note that your loved one did not have to die in a warehouse accident in order to claim any benefits to which you are entitled. Workers’ compensation death benefits are made available to eligible surviving loved ones after a worker has passed away due to occupational illness, aggravation of a preexisting condition, repetitive trauma, or accident-related injuries. As long as the harm that led to your loved one’s death directly resulted from work-related activity, you should be awarded any benefits that you are due.

Legal Assistance Is Available

If you have yet to schedule a risk-free consultation with the experienced legal team at Tillman & Associates, please do so now. We will treat you, your case, and the memory of your loved one with nothing but the utmost respect. After learning about your loved one’s unique circumstances, we’ll advise you of your legal options and do our best to ensure that you’re in a position to make informed decisions about your legal options. At that point, the decision to act or to refrain from acting will be up to you. We’ll never pressure you to take any particular course of action. Our job is to advise and to serve as legal support, not to “sell” you on any particular path forward. Please connect with our Georgia warehouse accident attorney team today to learn more; we look forward to speaking with you.