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Truck Drivers And Commercial Drivers

One of the most dangerous jobs in the world is driving a truck, whether it’s locally or over the road. You are in a nearly constant state of danger in which anything can happen to you:

  • You can be in a collision with another vehicle.
  • You can hurt your backloading or unloading.
  • Cargo can come loose and crush you.
  • Forklifts can crush or impale you or run over you.
  • You can fall from the gate or slip in a spill.

Representing Truckers Injured In Georgia Truck Accidents

Some of these accidents are catastrophic, affecting your head and neck, brain and spine, burning your skin and breaking your bones. Some drivers get bad backs or achy hands from driving long shifts, year after year.

Georgia Commercial Driver Accident Lawyer

When your employer refuses to acknowledge the legitimacy of your injury, you need a skilled and experienced workers’ compensation attorney like Burt Tillman on your side. Burt Tillman has 30 years of experience helping workers up who have been knocked down. Workers’ comp is nothing like charity — it is your right under state law.

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The attorneys at Tillman & Associates have been through so many cases like yours, representing drivers of every kind of truck. When employers decline to pay in part or in whole, we step in and make the case for proper compensation. We will ensure that you obtain all that you have coming to you. Injured truck drivers are entitled to compensation, too. Call the Atlanta truck driver injury lawyers at Tillman & Associates toll-free at 877-849-5895, or drop us a brief description using this online form.