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Service Industry Professionals

While many people associate work injuries with construction work and other high-risk jobs, it is important not to downplay the seriousness of injuries suffered in all types of occupations. At Tillman & Associates in Atlanta, Georgia, our attorneys represent workers in virtually all industries, including customer service.

Serving The Service Industry With Experience And Compassion

Service industry professionals can experience a wide array of injuries in the workplace, including:

  • Restaurants – Because servers spend so much time on their feet, they are at a higher risk of foot and leg injuries. Waiters, waitresses, bartenders and chefs may also experience back problems from lifting heavy objects. In addition, kitchen conditions such as fires and heavy equipment can contribute to staff injuries.
  • Hotels – Hotel workers may suffer a wide variety of injuries. Housekeeping staff may experience back injuries, hand injuries or other problems caused by repetitive motion. Employees who experience sexual assault or violence at the hands of a guest or co-worker may be eligible for workers’ compensation as well. Employees in hotel kitchens experience many of the same types of injuries as other restaurant workers, including lifting injuries, falls, and foot and leg problems.
  • Retail – Employees in the retail sector do quite a bit of standing, bending and lifting, putting them at risk of back injuries. At larger stores such as hardware stores and big-box outlets, there are risks associated with falling objects and heavy machinery as well.

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