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Workers’ Compensation And Power Plant Injuries

Power plants are dangerous places to work. Employees may suffer serious injuries from accidents occurring on the job. They may also suffer from an occupational disease caused by working in an unhealthy environment. At Tillman & Associates in Atlanta, our lawyers help injured workers obtain all the benefits they are due from workers’ compensation. We handle cases involving Georgia Power’s network of generating plants and hydroelectric dams, including Plant Bowen, Plant Hammond, Plant McDonough, Plant Scherer and Plant Wansley. Please call 877-849-5895 toll-free to discuss your case with a lawyer.

Injuries Covered By Workers’ Compensation

You are covered by Georgia workers’ compensation whenever you suffer a job-related injury or illness, regardless of who was at fault. Early advice from an attorney who focuses on workers’ compensation law can assure you recover the maximum benefits you are due for health care, lost wages and permanent loss. You may also have what is known as a third-party claim if someone other than your employer caused your injury. The following are examples of the types of injury cases we handle:

  • Explosions
  • Crushing injuries
  • Injuries from fire or steam
  • Lifting injuries
  • Equipment accidents
  • Hearing loss
  • Amputations
  • Falls Electrocution
  • Silica or asbestos exposure
  • Job-related illnesses, including mental disorders

When you are seriously hurt and the company is paying the bill, its interests are not the same as yours. That’s why it is always useful to work with a lawyer who is accustomed to the give and take of negotiations and is not afraid to stand up for your rights. Call Now For A Free Consultation If you have been injured at a power plant in Georgia, Tillman & Associates is here to help. Call our workers’ compensation attorneys toll-free at 877-849-5895, or drop us a brief description using this online form.