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Manufacturing Accidents

Georgia is a manufacturing state, and workers at manufacturing plants suffer commonly from serious injuries, some of them catastrophic. Workers in factories, mills, assembly plants, warehouses, rail yards and loading areas experience injuries from a variety of causes:

  • Accidents involving factory equipment
  • Industrial deafness
  • Fires and explosions
  • Electricity injuries
  • Forklift truck accidents
  • Chemical leaks and spills
  • Toxic environments
  • Falling machinery

In addition to these sources, manufacturing workers are susceptible to repetitive stress and other injuries. People put their bodies on the line for their jobs. When accidents happen, people deserve proper compensation. That’s what the attorneys at Tillman & Associates are for.

Georgia Manufacturing Injury Lawyer

At Tillman & Associates in Atlanta, we represent Georgians from every part of the state who have been seriously injured, assisting them in obtaining the proper level of workers’ compensation benefits. We also represent families of workers killed on the job. Workers’ compensation is a tangle of rules, regulations, procedures and precedents. Workers can’t be expected to understand this complexity. If you have been hurt on the job, put your future in the hands of a law firm that cares about workers and always seeks the maximum compensation for them, both for expenses today and for expenses in the future. Factories are dangerous places to work. If you have been injured, call the Atlanta manufacturing accident lawyers at Tillman & Associates at 877-849-5895, or drop us a brief description using this online form.