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Injuries To Electricians

Electricians go through extensive training and follow important safety regulations to perform their jobs safely. However, even the most experienced and careful electrician can sustain serious injury in an unforeseen accident on the job. Electricians are regularly exposed to hazardous conditions on the job that can result in burn injuries, electrical shocks or even electrocution. Under Georgia’s workers’ compensation laws, you have a right to pursue benefits if you have been injured on the job. Because the injuries sustained by electrical workers are typically very serious, this compensation can be essential to obtain proper medical care and make ends meet while a victim is unable to work.

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At Tillman & Associates, with offices in Atlanta, Georgia, we have been protecting the legal rights and financial futures of injured workers, including electricians, for more than 35 years. Our in-depth knowledge of workers’ compensation issues allows us to efficiently handle every aspect of your claim, whether we are taking care of the initial filing or stepping in to resolve a problem with your employer or its insurance company. Before opening his own firm to focus on helping injured people, attorney Burt Tillman represented insurance companies for more than 10 years. He understands what motivates insurance carriers and the tactics they use to deny or underpay claims. This inside perspective allows us to anticipate and respond to every move the insurer will try to make, resulting in a better result for our clients.

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