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Construction Accidents

Few places have the potential for serious injuries more than a modern construction site. They’re messy, they involve heavy vehicles and powerful tools, and they have people working close together in an environment that approaches chaos. These are the kinds of situations that lead to serious accidents:
  • Machinery that may or may not work properly
  • Live electricity
  • Falling objects and places you can stumble
  • Toxic chemicals and unventilated areas
  • Ladders, scaffolds and cranes
  • Safety devices that are not properly maintained, or missing completely
  • Slip-and-fall accidents

At Tillman & Associates, we represent construction workers who have been hurt on work sites. Some of these workers are hurt catastrophically, suffering severe burns; blinding; amputations; injuries to the back, spine and neck; brain trauma; and other injuries leading to permanent disability.

30 Years Of Experience · Georgia Construction Injury Attorneys

Before founding the firm, Burt Tillman worked for the insurance industry he now works against. It helps the firm to have this experience and insight into how insurance companies think and strategize, and it helps our clients that the opposition holds our firm in high regard for our effectiveness and high ethical standards. We at Tillman & Associates serve injured workers almost exclusively:

  • We represent them in workers’ comp hearings.
  • We often work with them to obtain Social Security Disability (SSDI) benefits.
  • We assist workers who have been injured by a party other than their employer in third-party liability suits, which allow a greater level of compensation than workers’ comp.
  • In worst-case scenarios, we represent the families of workers who are killed on the job in wrongful death workers’ comp or third-party liability suits.

Hurt on a construction site? Call the Atlanta construction accident attorneys at Tillman & Associates at 877-849-5895, or drop us a brief description using this online form.