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Help For Workers Injured In Chicken Processing Plants

Poultry processing plants contain many hazards for the people who work in them. Injured workers often face a second set of hazards when they apply for workers’ compensation. Many don’t receive the full benefits they deserve. At Tillman & Associates in Atlanta, our lawyers help injured poultry workers, including undocumented workers, obtain the benefits they are due. We handle injury cases at all poultry processors in Georgia, including Gold Kist, Fieldale Farms, Claxton, Mar-Jac, and Cagle’s. For a free attorney consultation, call 877-849-5895.

Helping You Recover From A Serious Injury

Conditions in poultry processing plants can lead to a number of injuries and health conditions:

  • Dangerous equipment causing cuts and amputations
  • Slippery floors leading to falls
  • Exposure to hazardous chemicals such as ammonia
  • Health problems from inhalation of poultry feces and dust
  • Biological hazards from handling live birds
  • Musculoskeletal disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome from repetitive motions
  • High noise levels leading to deafness

As a worker in a poultry processing plant, you put your health on the line to provide food for everyone’s dinner tables. If you get sick or injured from your job activities, you deserve proper compensation. That’s what our lawyers are here to do for you.

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