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Returning To Work After An Injury

While you are recovering from a work injury or illness, your employer may offer you a light-duty work assignment. Generally, you are required to take it if your doctor has restricted you to light duty and a position is available. However, if you do not feel ready to return to work, you should talk with a workers’ compensation lawyer. At Tillman & Associates in Atlanta, our lawyers are here to advise if you have questions about your workers’ compensation benefits and returning to work. For a free attorney consultation, call 877-849-5895.

Do I Have To Accept A Light-Duty Assignment?

To avoid potentially costly mistakes and potential loss of benefits (and possibly your job), talk to our attorneys if you do not feel ready to return to work. You have certain duties while you are receiving workers’ compensation benefits. Even if you feel in too much pain to perform a light-duty or part-time assignment, your ability to work must be restricted by a doctor. If you are currently receiving workers’ compensation benefits in Georgia, the workers’ compensation insurer is required to present a light-duty job to your employer. Your employer then has steps it has to go through to make the light-duty or part-time offer real. It won’t become a real offer until your doctor signs off on it. If you are not currently receiving workers’ compensation benefits, then you may not have a choice about taking them. Before you say or do anything, you should seek the advice of a workers’ compensation lawyer.

What If The Light-Duty Assignment Pays Less?

If you are given a light-duty assignment that pays less than your old position or your hours are cut, you may be eligible for temporary partial disability benefits to compensate you for the lost income.

What If I Receive A Letter Saying That My Benefits Will Be Reduced?

If you receive a letter from the workers’ compensation carrier saying it will reduce your wage loss check in the future, contact our lawyers for advice. There may be things we can do to avoid it.

For More Information About Light-Duty Or Part-Time Positions

To protect your rights, seek prompt legal advice for taking action on your own. Please contact us using our online form or call 877-849-5895 (toll-free).