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Medical Treatment

Recovering from a serious workplace injury is extremely difficult. In addition to physical pain and limited mobility, you may be facing the added stress of mounting medical bills and decreased income from your inability to work. From offices in Atlanta, Georgia, the attorneys of Tillman & Associates help injured employees all over the state pursue full and complete compensation under the law. We focus on helping workers recover from the financial implications of work-related injuries so they can focus on their physical recovery. Workers’ compensation should cover medical treatment required after a workplace injury. While employees typically must see a doctor chosen by the employer, there may be options to see a doctor of your choosing. It is important to speak with an attorney to ensure that you are seeing an acceptable doctor under workers’ compensation laws. Just as a physician can help you preserve your physical health and protect your body, an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer can help you protect your legal rights and your eligibility for workers’ compensation. Our attorneys can help you find appropriate medical care while collecting medical evidence to strengthen your workers’ compensation case.

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Our attorneys have earned the trust and respect of our colleagues, judges and, most importantly, the hundreds of injured workers we have successfully represented. Other law firms frequently turn to us for advice in workers’ compensation matters because our experience and reputation are virtually unmatched in Georgia.

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