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Loss Of Hearing Or Vision

A workplace accident that affects your ability to see or hear is devastating. All of a sudden, life is full of new challenges. Meanwhile, your employer or its insurer may be resisting full and fair payment of your workers’ compensation claim. At Tillman & Associates, we understand that no amount of money can ease the pain of not being able to see a loved one’s face or losing the pleasure of listening to a favorite song. Financial compensation cannot erase the losses you have suffered, but it can help you provide for yourself and your family during the incredibly difficult aftermath of an injury. We are proud to tirelessly represent the interests of injury victims throughout the Atlanta metro area and all of Georgia.

Blindness And Impaired Vision

Impaired vision comes with a multitude of challenges, including bills for treatment, the expense of making your home accessible and lost wages as a result of missing work. Our lawyers assist people struggling with a range of serious eye injuries, including:

  • Anterior chamber hyphema
  • Torn or detached retinas
  • Chemical burns
  • Damage to the iris or pupils

Deafness And Hearing Loss

Hearing loss sometimes happens naturally over time, but a traumatic incident or injury at work may bring on sudden hearing damage. Prolonged exposure to loud noises can also contribute to hearing loss. The result can make it difficult or impossible to go about your life as usual. We have helped people who have experienced hearing loss because of unsafe working conditions and unavoidable workplace accidents. Our experience allows us to understand your specific injury, assess your options for compensation and aggressively pursue your claim.

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