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Covered Work Injuries

By law, nearly every injury that occurs in the workplace is covered by workers’ compensation. The main exceptions are injuries that happen during a nonwork activity. If you are hurt playing basketball in the employee parking lot, that may not be covered because you were not engaged in your work at that moment. Employers often refuse to pay for injuries that they believe involve some kind of misbehavior – if you are hurt because you have been drinking or sleeping, for example. There are also injuries that occur on the job but arise from a long-standing health problem. Under the law, a diabetic person who has a crate fall on his foot, causing extensive damage, is still entitled to full coverage.

Apart from these few exceptions, if you are injured on the job, you are likely covered by workers’ compensation – no matter what your employer claims. The list of possible injuries is very long, but it includes such conditions as:

It even includes accidents that are “your fault,” that occur because you made a wrong turn or forgot to wear the right safety equipment. When your employer refuses to acknowledge the legitimacy of your injury, that’s when you need a skilled and experienced workers’ compensation lawyer like Burt Tillman on your side. He has 30 years of experience helping workers up who have been knocked down. Workers’ comp is nothing like charity – it is your right under state law. The attorneys at Tillman & Associates have been through so many cases like yours. When employers refuse to pay, we continue to make the case for you. We will ensure that you obtain all that you have coming to you.

What Is Covered And What Is Not?

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