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Can I Choose My Workers’ Compensation Doctor?

If you are injured on the job in Georgia, you are required to receive nonemergency medical care from an approved medical provider. For emergency treatment, you should go to the nearest medical facility capable of treating your condition. At Tillman & Associates in Atlanta, our lawyers are here to answer your questions about medical care if you are injured on the job in Georgia. For a free attorney consultation, call 877-849-5895.

Answering Your Questions About Medical Care

Your employer is required to keep and make available a list of approved medical providers for workplace accidents. Typically, this list will be posted in an employee break room. However, sometimes, employers fail to maintain the list properly. For example, the list must include specific elements such as a minority doctor and an orthopedic surgeon. Our attorneys can review your employer’s medical provider list to ensure that you can see a doctor who will fairly assess your condition. Your workers’ compensation claim will be driven by the facts of your case and medical evidence of your injury. Even if you are in pain and feel unable to perform your job duties, that may not be enough to qualify you for benefits. Your ability to work must be restricted by a doctor.

Can I Choose My Doctor Or Change Doctors?

While employees typically must see an approved provider, there may be options for you to see a doctor of your choosing. It is important to speak with an attorney to ensure that you are seeing an acceptable doctor under workers’ compensation laws. Just as a physician can protect your health, an experienced workers’ compensation attorney lawyer can help you protect your legal rights. Our attorneys can help you find an appropriate medical provider to treat your medical condition and collect medical evidence to strengthen your case.

For More Information About Workers’ Compensation Doctors

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