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What You Need To Know About Workers’ Compensation Claims

Workers’ compensation is a form of insurance that balances the interests of employers and workers. Injured workers are provided with wage replacement and medical benefits. In return, they relinquish the right to sue the employer for the full costs of the injury. It is not a perfect system, trading a certain level of support and protection for the greater legal recourse the worker could have outside the workplace. Still, it’s the system we have, and within it, there are opportunities for injured workers to have all their medical expenses and some of their living expenses paid.

Experienced Work Injury Attorneys

For more than 30 years, the lawyers at Tillman & Associates have fought to obtain the full range of workers’ compensation benefits allowed by law for their clients who have suffered workplace injuries. These injuries range from one-time events like a broken foot to conditions that develop over long periods of time such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Many injured workers do not think to factor in the true long-term costs of their injury, including vocational rehabilitation and psychological therapy. Our firm builds a true picture of what the future will be like and how much it will cost.

Understanding Workers’ Compensation

These pages describe how workers’ compensation works and what the benefits are for you:

  • Covered work injuries, such as carpal tunnel and faulty equipment. Even if you were partially at fault for an accident, you could be entitled to certain benefits.
  • Money benefits available, which depend on the specifics of your injury and your job. For some, partial payments can help you get by until you’re able to work. For others, a long-term plan may be more beneficial.
  • Denied workers’ comp claims, which is when we use the appeals process. Just because your claim was denied does not mean it stops there. You are entitled to certain benefits, and we will show them why.
  • Permanent disability, for any lasting injuries. From deafness to brain damage and even cancer, these accidents are life-altering.

Tillman & Associates represents workers in nearly every industry and line of work. Whether you are in construction, manufacturing or are even a truck driver, we can help. This doesn’t just apply to the legal side of things, either. We also help our clients find the best possible medical care. There are doctors who cater to insurance companies and doctors who cater to claimants. We work with medical experts who will be honest and can provide an accurate diagnosis. This is key in building a case but is most important in terms of getting you back on your feet.

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