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Protect your back when working remotely

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

Remote work has become more common. While this is good news for many employees, it also highlights the need for workers who don’t go into the office to understand how they can protect their backs.

There’s a lot of flexibility for most workers who take care of their work from home. While their employer likely won’t supply them with desks and other office furniture, there are things that they can do to minimize the risk of back injuries.

Pay attention to your posture

Working at your kitchen table or on your bed might be comfortable for a while, but this can do a lot of damage to your back. When you don’t have good posture, your back muscles and spine can suffer greatly. If you’re going to work from home long-term, find a suitable space to set up an area where you can work with proper posture.

Take periodic breaks

You may be tempted to try to power through work, but this isn’t really a good idea. Make sure that you take periodic breaks to get up and move around. Use this time to stretch your back so you know that your muscles aren’t going to get stiff.

Employees who work from home have the same protections as those who go into the office. It’s imperative that all workers have what they need for back protection. If you suffer from a back injury, including a cumulative trauma injury, you should seek medical care. Workers’ compensation through your employer should cover that care. You may have to fight for the benefits you’re due so be sure to have someone on your side who’s familiar with this type of case.