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New research provides fresh hope for spinal cord injuries 

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2022 | Workplace Injuries

Researchers have made incredible advances in many areas of medicine. However, complete spinal cord injuries have remained a medical issue that doctors cannot cure or even effectively treat. People with spinal cord injuries face a lifetime of increased medical costs combined with lost earning potential in many cases.

All of that may soon change, as researchers have published incredible information about spinal implants that have helped people regain function after complete spinal cord injuries.

What have medical professionals achieved?

Incomplete spinal cord injuries have sometimes responded to treatment, but complete injuries were believed to cause an irreversible loss of function. In the recently published research, medical professionals announced that they have helped three adult men regain the ability to stand and walk after a complete spinal cord injury using implanted electrodes.

A pacemaker helps power the implants, while digital devices programmed with specialized apps allow the individuals to operate the implants. Although the devices do not return physical sensation to the affected body parts, they can produce electrical stimulation that allows people to stand and walk using specific programming.

Eventually, this incredible leap forward in medical technology may become available for countless others affected by complete spinal cord injuries. 

New treatments often require financial investment

Unfortunately, for the foreseeable future, these implants will remain elusive for many with spinal cord injuries. Health and workers’ compensation insurance companies are unlikely to cover such new and experimental treatments. Many insurance policies would fall far short of the coverage necessary to pay for such extensive treatment. Civil lawsuits may be the best option for those hoping to connect with expensive but promising treatments.

Exploring all options for compensation in a personal injury case can help people connect with me best, cutting-edge treatments as they become available.