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What protects you when a work injury makes you change jobs?

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

There are numerous federal and state programs that help protect workers. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration establishes and enforces industry-specific safety guidelines to help protect workers. The Georgia workers’ compensation program provides crucial benefits to those who have gotten hurt because of their job responsibilities.

Understanding how these programs protect you is important if you ever get hurt on the job. You probably understand that workers’ compensation will cover your medical care and pay you disability benefits if you need a leave of absence because of a work-acquired medical condition.

What if you don’t completely recover and have to change careers?

Moving from manufacturing to food service will mean a major pay cut

Those who work in physically demanding careers typically make better wages than the average worker. Whether you have been a bricklayer or an injection molding technician, you likely earn more than the average unskilled worker because of how laborious your work actually is.

If you suffer a traumatic amputation, develop a repetitive stress injury or suffer a brain injury on the job, you may not be able to continue doing the same work you once did safely and effectively. Even after you improve as much as possible with medical care, there may still be limitations on your job functions.

If you have to leave an established blue-collar career for an entry-level service job, you can expect to earn a fraction of your previous wages. Some people may have private disability benefits that protect them, but many people don’t invest in supplemental disability coverage. Workers’ compensation in Georgia has special benefits for people in this exact situation.

Permanent partial disability helps those with diminished earning potential

You don’t have to be completely incapable of working to qualify for permanent disability benefits in Georgia. Your medical issues stemming from your job simply have to affect your long-term earning potential.

If, at the end of your treatment for a work-related medical issue, the doctor overseeing your care determines you will have permanent limitations, partial disability benefits can help close the gap between your old budget and your new income.

Learning more about the different benefits available through George’s workers’ compensation program can help you get the coverage you need to recover.