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Can you change doctors in your workers’ compensation case?

| Nov 8, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

Getting the proper treatment following a work injury is very important. When recovering from such an injury, it is essential to have a good relationship with your doctor. Besides providing you with medical care, your doctor will also refer you to specialists, decide whether or not you have a permanent disability and set your work restrictions. Should you be unhappy with your doctor, it is possible to change physicians.

However, you need to know what the law says before changing your workers’ compensation doctor. The insurance company may fail to pay your medical bills if you do not follow the correct process.

Who chooses your worker’s compensation doctor?

In most states, your employer or the insurance company has the right to choose the doctor who will provide you with the medical attention for your workplace injury. In other states, you can pick your doctor right from the beginning, while in others like Georgia, you can select a physician from a panel approved by your employer.

Yes, you can change your workers’ compensation doctor

You might feel that the current doctor is too conservative regarding your treatment or that they are not specialized in dealing with your condition. With supporting evidence, you may request to change your current doctor. If your employer provided you with a panel of doctors to choose from, you may select another one on that list and notify your employer that you did.

You can also reach an agreement with your employer and the workers’ compensation insurance company to change doctors. If you cannot pick another doctor from the panel or agree on one with your employer, you may file a request to change with your state’s workers’ compensation body. However, you will need to provide valid reasons for your request to change the physician before it can be approved.