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Will your workers’ comp be denied just because you were at fault?

| Oct 21, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

You can certainly get injured at work in many ways that are not your fault. For instance, your boss could fail to provide personal protective equipment, or another worker could make a mistake that leads to your injury. 

However, there are also many workplace accidents in which you may cause your own injuries. For example, maybe you suffered a serious back injury in a fall after you set a ladder up on a slick, slanted surface. You might realize after the fact that you should have chosen a different location, but the damage is done. 

Does this mean that you cannot ask for workers’ compensation? Do you waive your rights to benefits that help with lost wages and medical bills just because you were the one who made the crucial mistake? 

You still qualify for workers’ comp even if you were to blame

If your boss tells you that you can’t file or just assume it on your own, please know that you still have a right to seek workers’ comp benefits. Under the law in Georgia, as in other states, these benefits are applied “without regard to negligence or fault.” Companies have agreed to this to keep employees from suing, and they have to abide by these rules. 

The workplace is dangerous. Workers may make mistakes that cause their own injuries. That doesn’t mean they don’t need help with medical bills, lost wages and the like. You don’t have to worry that an injury will leave you with nothing. Make sure you are well aware of the steps you need to take to get the assistance you deserve.