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Are robots the solution to chronic pain from back injuries?

| Oct 7, 2021 | Workplace Injuries

Hurting your back can mean a lifetime of consequences. Often, someone with a back injury can expect one of two consequences. 

Some people who damage their spinal cords may lose motor control and sensation below the injury site. Those with soft tissue injuries or damage to the bones in the spine may experience chronic pain that limits their daily lives. Incomplete spinal cord injuries can also cause serious pain. 

Chronic back pain can be difficult to treat and often means a lifetime of pain medication and therapy. Recently, there has been a new glimmer of hope for those with severe, traumatic back pain. Specifically, researchers have found that robots could actually play a role in helping those with chronic back pain.

Surgeons can use specialized robots to perform delicate surgeries

Operating on the spine, spinal cord or nerves can be prohibitively difficult because it requires a very steady hand and absolute control over every action. Surgeries can take hours and may not necessarily guarantee an improvement in someone’s condition. 

Simply put, the level of skill required exceeds what many human physicians can offer their patients. Thankfully, surgeons can now potentially expand their own skills by learning how to use a robot to perform back surgery. Technically the surgeon, not the robot, is still the one performing the surgery, even if people call it a robotic operation. When properly operated by a skilled medical professional, surgical robots can perform far more precise procedures than the human body is capable of doing. 

Back injuries can affect your quality of life and potentially end your career. Connecting with personal injury compensation after a serious back injury could give you access to cutting-edge treatments that could improve your prognosis.