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What are your rights if a work injury reduces your income?

On Behalf of | Sep 12, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

Your income may take a hit if you get hurt while working. The worse your injuries are, the longer you may need to take time off of work for your recovery. Most people understand that workers’ compensation insurance benefits in Georgia will provide disability benefits for while they cannot work and medical coverage for the treatment that they need.

However, being able to get back to work doesn’t always end your benefit claim. Sometimes, workers trying to return to the job realize that they now have limitations that prevent them from keeping the same job they once had.

Are there benefits that help protect you when you can work but cannot earn the same wage any longer?

Workers with long-term injuries may qualify for special benefits

The more skilled and physically demanding your job is, the better your pay probably is. An injury that limits your strength, endurance or range of motion may stop you from doing the same job functions you once performed.

You could go from making more than $20 an hour to only being able to take a minimum-wage position. Thankfully, there are benefits that will help. The exact benefits you receive will depend on the income you earned before your injury and what income you can generate now. You may be able to receive permanent partial disability benefits for up to 350 weeks from the date of your injury. The state does limit those benefits to a maximum of $450 per week.

Understanding the different benefits available through workers’ compensation will help minimize your losses because of a work injury.