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Can a hot tub help with a back injury?

| Sep 24, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

If you suffer a back injury on the job, you know how painful and problematic it can be. These are some of the most common injuries workers face, and they can also keep you out of the workforce entirely while you heal. Even common tasks and activities — such as merely sitting at your desk — become painful. 

As you look for treatment options and medical advancements, you may wonder if simply spending time in a hot tub at a local spa would help. After all, many elite athletes use both hot and cold tubs as part of their recovery, and recovery times are crucial for them. Would this help you? 

A proven treatment method 

Don’t just assume that a hot tub is a casual way to relax. Known as hot water therapy or hydrotherapy, using hot tubs has long been considered a viable medical treatment for back injuries and muscle pain. Many scientific studies have backed this up, so it’s not just anecdotal evidence. One doctor noted the following benefits of using a hot tub for issues with back muscles: 

  • The muscles are relaxed
  • Blood flow increases
  • The bath “opens up” the muscles
  • Lactic acid is removed
  • Muscles that are too tight due to damage can feel better and begin proper healing

So, while the hot tub does feel good, it’s also doing a lot more to help you recover and heal. It’s more than temporary pain relief. 

Of course, the type of injury you suffered does define the type of treatment you need. Muscle injuries are far different than spinal cord or vertebrae injuries, for instance. Your doctor can help you decide what is right for you, and you can look into all of your workers’ compensation options along the way.