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Who commits workers’ compensation fraud?

On Behalf of | Jul 16, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

Many people think that workers try to get over on the workers’ compensation system by making false claims. While it might be true that some people do this, many cases of workers’ compensation fraud are committed by employers who are trying to steal from the system.

A case in Georgia last year highlights this fact. A Georgia business owner was involved in a plan to get over on the federal workers’ compensation program. She was using expensive pain cream prescriptions to steal millions of dollars.

Why would an employer try to defraud workers’ compensation?

Some employers realize that there’s a lot of money that flows through the workers’ compensation system. The Georgia business owner was paying off a medical assistant to write prescriptions for a pain cream that was very similar to over-the-counter options. It’s illegal to pay someone to refer prescriptions, so this was a huge red flag.

The prescription pain creams were part of a program that reimbursed for Lidopro and Terocin. As part of her scheme, the Georgia business owner was working with pharmacies to split the profits she obtained. All told, she received more than $1.5 million through these fraudulent methods.

The scheme the business owner utilized was complex and lasted years. This case goes to show that employers may be tempted by the financial gains to the point that they try to get over on the workers’ compensation system.

Anyone who’s injured on the job should know that they have the right to claim the workers’ compensation benefits they’re due. They shouldn’t fall into thinking that they’re going to be accused of trying to defraud the workers’ compensation system. Instead, they should always file for the benefits they need in connection with their case.