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What are the top reasons for workplace back injuries?

| Jul 30, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

Back injuries are extremely common and back pain is something that many  people experience in their lives. Anyone who has been in this position knows that it doesn’t take much for the pain to be so bad that it limits mobility and makes even simple physical tasks impossible.

Back pain can come from many sources, but workers are likely concerned about how they could be injured on the job, especially if it means they need medical care and/or have to miss time at work.

What are the top reasons for these injuries?

Some back injuries certainly come from major events, like a worker who falls from a roof. What you’ll find, though, is that most of these injuries actually come from relatively minor events. These include the following, per medical professionals:

  • Lifting incorrectly. Often, this just means bending and lifting with your back, rather than properly lifting with your legs.
  • Having poor posture. Over time, even sitting at a desk can take a toll.
  • Using improper body mechanics. Twisting or stretching the wrong way can be very painful.
  • Expending a high amount of energy.  This is especially damaging if you have to do it consistently.
  • Being in poor physical condition. This could result in injuries while doing tasks that would not have injured another worker.

If you do hurt your back at work, it can drastically impact your life and your career, perhaps for weeks or months to come. Be sure you know about all of the rights that you have to workers’ compensation and how to get the process started.