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Who is responsible for a work-related car accident? – Tillman & Associates

| Aug 24, 2017 | Firm News, workplace safety

Under a term known as vicarious liability, an employer is typically liable for the actions of their employees. This means that an employer will be liable for the nonaction or negligent action of their employees when they are working under the defined scope of their job. In order for this to occur, the employee must have been performing an activity authorized by the employer. Or, the action must have been close enough to an authorized action that the employer can be held liable.

Employees must also understand that some companies carry collision insurance for their employees when they operate company-owned vehicles. Not all companies will carry this insurance, which means you might not be covered if involved in an accident when operating a company-owned vehicle. Employees should always find out what type of insurance the employer has when issued a company-owned car prior to getting behind the wheel.

Have you been involved in an accident while driving a company car? You might be held liable for the accident based on your actions. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney can answer all of your workplace safety questions in Georgia.

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