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Top tips for increasing safety on the road

Safety on roads can be increased when drivers avoid multitasking, take defensive driving courses, use safety gear, follow rules and avoid impairment. It is not uncommon for an accident to take place on Georgia roads or other streets across the country. In a single year, there were 1,561 car-crash fatalities in the state, according to the Georgia Department of Transportation. This trend highlights the dangers present to drivers and their passengers while in the car.

Avoid multitasking Multitasking in the car can take on a lot of different forms. For example, some drivers eat breakfast on their commute while others finish doing their makeup. Even talking on a hands-free device should be avoided. According to the National Safety Council, listening to someone on a phone can reduce the brain’s ability to process moving images by up to one-third of the normal activity.

Take defensive driving courses Defensive driving courses can teach drivers, both old and young, how to make safe decisions while on the road. This type of safety class may go over how to drive in inclement weather or stop-and-go traffic. Some employers require their employees take this type of class before driving for work.

Use proper safety gear Seatbelts are one of the most important safety features available in vehicles. People of all ages should make sure to properly strap in before heading out on the road. Parents should make sure their children are in age- and weight-appropriate car seats or booster seats to give the little ones extra protection. Drivers can also make sure the airbags in their newer vehicles are turned on to increase the safety of all passengers.

Follow rules of the road Vehicle operators can avoid major collisions by following normal rules of the road. Everyone should strive to use blinkers to signal turns and lane changes, stay within the posted speed limits, check blind spots before changing lanes and watch for traffic when making turns. By following these rules, drivers can help keep themselves and everyone else on the road safe.

Avoid impairment Finally, drivers should avoid getting behind the wheel while impaired. Many Americans are aware of the bad effects alcohol can have on them, but not everyone is aware that being under the influence of alcohol is not the only way to be impaired while driving. Other driving related impairments include the following:

  • Being under the influence of other drugs, even prescription medications.
  • Being excessively tired when trying to reach a destination.
  • Being distracted by cellphones, passengers or the radio.

Everyone should strive to be well-rested and sober before getting into the driver’s seat to allow them to have a clear mind, which could be needed to make life-saving decisions. In order to make the Georgia roads safer, all motor vehicle operators need to improve their driving procedures. If an accident does occur, it can be beneficial to work with a knowledgeable personal injury attorney in the Atlanta Metro.