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workplace safety Archives

Partnership signed between multiple organizations in Atlanta

A new partnership signed earlier this month in the state of Georgia has a goal of protecting and educating workers about construction hazards as the second and third phases of the State Farm at Park Center project is completed in Atlanta. The partnership includes the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) along with multiple other agencies.

Are you getting ill because of sick building syndrome?

The idea of "sick building syndrome" sounds like a joke. How can a building get sick? The problem is that "sick building" doesn't refer to the sickness of the building as much as it does the illnesses and ailments contracted by the employees and visitors who spend a lot of time there.

Georgia's thriving film industry means new workplace safety woes

In Georgia, the term "industry" has long been associated with the agricultural, manufacturing and automotive worlds -- but thanks to some aggressive campaigning and incentives from the state, Georgia is now home to the nation's third largest film and television industry. Only California and New York have bigger shares of the industry as a whole.

Modifiying a bathroom after a spinal cord injury

Most people who experience a spinal cord injury at work are overwhelmed with the drastic changes they're experiencing in all aspects of their lives. They're also usually very concerned about the financial costs associated with such a severe injury -- but most aren't thinking past the initial hospital care and rehabilitative therapy.

Is the poor indoor air quality where you work making you sick?

When the air inside a building is filled with pollutants, workers who spend the majority of their days there can end up very sick. Perversely enough, new and renovated buildings may actually have the worst air because they are sealed up tight for the sake of energy efficiency -- which also seals the pollutants inside.