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workplace safety Archives

Who is responsible for a work-related car accident?

Work-related car accidents are quite common. The thing is, not many people realize that some accidents they come across involve people driving company cars. Not all company cars are marked, which means that they don't necessarily have the company name or logo on them. Some companies simply purchase or lease vehicles for their employees and hand over the keys. So, who is responsible for a work-related car accident?

Repetitive strain injuries and the 'white collar slouch'

Repetitive strain injuries are the bane of the American workplace. While a lot of people think of office jobs as cushy positions, they can actually end up being hard on the human body -- which isn't really designed for sitting at a desk for hours on end and typing or writing.

'The Walking Dead' stuntman death first in U.S. since 2002

The death of a stuntman from the popular television show "The Walking Dead" was the first in the United States of its type since 2002. The accident that killed the stuntman happened earlier in the month of July. The death of the 33-year-old was the first for a stuntman in the country in more than a decade and first death on the set of a show since 2014.

Be wary of occupational skin diseases

Occupational skin disease, particularly contact dermatitis, is probably more common than you realize -- and it can be a long-lasting problem that can cause you a lot of misery. Around 50 percent of workers who develop contact dermatitis on the job still have problems even 10 years later.

Partnership signed between multiple organizations in Atlanta

A new partnership signed earlier this month in the state of Georgia has a goal of protecting and educating workers about construction hazards as the second and third phases of the State Farm at Park Center project is completed in Atlanta. The partnership includes the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) along with multiple other agencies.

Are you getting ill because of sick building syndrome?

The idea of "sick building syndrome" sounds like a joke. How can a building get sick? The problem is that "sick building" doesn't refer to the sickness of the building as much as it does the illnesses and ailments contracted by the employees and visitors who spend a lot of time there.