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Workplace Injuries Archives

Can you sue for a workplace injury in civil court?

Generally speaking, workers' compensation is an agreement between employers and workers to make a trade: workers would give up their right to take every injury to court and employers would make it easy on injured workers to get the health care and income they needed while they were injured and out of work.

How can I keep my back safe from injury at work?

A back injury can literally "set you back" years when it comes to your health. There are numerous Atlanta residents who are disabled and unable to work due to painful, back-related problems. In many cases, these kinds of injuries happen on the job. In this article, we'll discuss four simple tips that anyone can do to avoid many of the worst kinds of back injuries while performing their duties at work.

Report says Georgia can do more to prevent workplace injuries

A recently released report claims that the state of Georgia as a whole can do more to help prevent workplace injuries and deaths. The report, released late in June by the National Safety Council (NSC), graded the state of Georgia at an overall level of "D." The report grades states' policies surrounding safety in three areas: in the workplace, in the community and at home, and on the road.

How to prevent work-related traffic accidents

Traffic accidents are an all too common occurrence on the roads of Georgia. Add in the fact that there are construction zones all over the city of Atlanta, and these incidents can become incredibly tragic. Here are some tips for preventing work-related traffic accidents so all those on the job on the roads of the state can go home at the end of the day.

The injury risk nurses face while at their workplace

Nursing is an inherently dangerous job. During the course of a day, a nurse may be required to help support a patient's body weight, be exposed to infected body fluids, spilled liquids and other potentially hazardous situations. Knowing what the most common types of nurse injuries are and how to avoid them can be helpful as you look to avoid being hurt on the job.

How to avoid and reduce workplace injuries

Workplace injuries are commonplace, even in the safest work environments. Training and educational programs for workers are the best way to avoid and reduce workplace injuries. By reducing injuries to employees, your company will reduce the amount of workers' compensation claims paid out on an annual basis. Here's how to avoid and reduce workplace injuries in Atlanta.

Georgia highway workers receiving training on road dangers

One-hour safety stand-down events are training highway workers in the state of Georgia how to be safe while on the job. The programs are teaching workers how to spot distracted drivers, how to avoid flying objects and other debris. The program was created via a partnership between the Federal Highway Administration, the state of Georgia, local governments and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).