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Industrial Workers' Accidents Archives

Crush injuries present unique problems for rescuers

Crush injuries are a terrifying possibility for construction workers and industrial plant employees -- both of whom work in industries where large pieces of equipment are used and heavy loads of raw materials are frequently moved around.

What should you do if someone suffers inhalation chemical burns?

Chemical burns are a serious problem in the industrial world where handling chemical compounds, solvents and acids is a commonplace activity. Employees can actually be seriously burned simply by inhaling the fumes of some chemicals.

How can forklift accidents be prevented?

Forklifts are convenient pieces of machinery that help warehouse and dock workers perform their jobs without burdening their bodies. Despite their convenience, forklifts are also very dangerous if not used properly. Employees who use forklifts should be properly trained and certified to do so. How can forklift accidents be prevented?

Workers' compensation stemming from industrial workers' accidents

Industrial workers' accidents do not happen too often, but when they do, they can be serious enough to leave victims injured. Injuries can range from minor to severe, causing paralysis and even death in some instances. Some accidents can cause victims to miss extended time at work or not be able to return to work for the rest of their lives. Victims of industrial workers' accidents can acquire workers' compensation to help continue life.

Many industrial jobs put temporary employees in harm's way

A lot of factories rely on temporary workers to fill out their staff. Using temps to fill openings when more workers are needed is cheaper for the company and eliminates the need to lay off regular employees during slowdowns. Temp workers, for their part, can see if they can handle the work and use their temporary position as a toehold to vie for better-paying permanent jobs when they become available.

Firefighters battling cancer aided with new bill in Georgia

A bill was vetoed by Georgia Governor Nathan Deal last year that would have allowed firefighters battling cancer to collect workers' compensation if they were able to provide enough evidence that their job caused the illness. The legislature is working on drafting a new bill following the veto to help the firefighters.

Are there new rules regarding marijuana and workplace accidents?

Georgia is among the newest states to legalize the use of medical marijuana. While obstacles still remain for patients who want to use the drug, there will no doubt be more people on the the drug quietly working in some of the nation's most dangerous occupations.

How to prevent heavy equipment accidents

Construction sites all over Atlanta, Georgia, have heavy equipment in use to move materials, dig holes and make the job as efficient as possible. But, if not used properly, this heavy equipment can cause serious injury or death. Preventing heavy equipment accidents is the main goal of all construction site foremen and here is how it's done.

Pipeline explodes, killing 1 worker and impacting fuel in Atlanta

A worker died after a recent pipeline explosion in a neighboring state. Residents of Atlanta are probably aware of the news story, because much has been made of whether the incident will impact fuel costs and inventory in the city and surrounding areas.