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Construction Workers' Accidents Archives

How do you triage an amputated fingertip?

Construction work is hard on the hands and fingers, and most workers know that they're at risk of an amputation if they're not careful. That's why many construction workers don't even wear a wedding band at work.They don't want to risk catching it on a piece of moving machinery and end up amputating a fingertip.

What can you do about eye injuries on a construction site?

Eye injuries are frighteningly common -- more than 20,000 of them occur each year, and they take an economic toll of around $300 million when the cost of lost work days, medical care and compensation are counted.

What to do following chemical exposure at work

Holding a job at a dangerous place of employment does not mean you are bound to suffer an injury. Even inherently dangerous jobs are required to meet safety standards set forth by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). There are times when even the safest of workplaces fall victim to an accident, including ones involving chemical exposure. Here's what you should do following chemical exposure in Georgia.

Scaffolding accidents at Georgia construction sites

Construction sites are inherently dangerous due to their size, the equipment on the site and the amount of workers. With so many factors contributing to the site, injuries can occur when workers do not pay attention or the proper safety procedures are not followed. Accidents can also happen when safety procedures are followed completely.

Falls remain the construction worker's biggest killer

A 63-year-old construction worker nearly fell to his death from the scaffolding at a construction site at Auburn University. A piece of scaffolding broke, sending him falling about 15 feet. His head and back were injured during the fall, leaving him in stable condition at the local hospital.

What are the laws surrounding workers' compensation in Georgia?

No matter the schedule you work, you will want to know you are protected as an employee of any company from injury on the job. Accidents happen all the time -- some avoidable and some unavoidable -- but employees still need to know they are protected. There's nothing worse than getting injured on the job and having to miss extended time at work because of it. So, what are the laws surrounding workers' compensation in Georgia?

OSHA investigates chemical leak that killed deputy

An investigation has been opened by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration into a chemical leak that killed a deputy from Richmond County. The deputy was killed after responding to an alarm at Xytex Corporation, a sperm bank, in Augusta earlier in February.