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May 2017 Archives

How do you triage an amputated fingertip?

Construction work is hard on the hands and fingers, and most workers know that they're at risk of an amputation if they're not careful. That's why many construction workers don't even wear a wedding band at work.They don't want to risk catching it on a piece of moving machinery and end up amputating a fingertip.

Are you getting ill because of sick building syndrome?

The idea of "sick building syndrome" sounds like a joke. How can a building get sick? The problem is that "sick building" doesn't refer to the sickness of the building as much as it does the illnesses and ailments contracted by the employees and visitors who spend a lot of time there.

What can you do about eye injuries on a construction site?

Eye injuries are frighteningly common -- more than 20,000 of them occur each year, and they take an economic toll of around $300 million when the cost of lost work days, medical care and compensation are counted.

What to do following chemical exposure at work

Holding a job at a dangerous place of employment does not mean you are bound to suffer an injury. Even inherently dangerous jobs are required to meet safety standards set forth by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). There are times when even the safest of workplaces fall victim to an accident, including ones involving chemical exposure. Here's what you should do following chemical exposure in Georgia.

How to apply for Social Security Disability after a heart attack

Heart attacks happen with little notice and can be devastating. When minor, many people are back on their feet within days. This includes returning to work. When they are severe, the injuries suffered can cause the patient to miss significant time at work or even lose his or her life. Here is a brief guide on applying for Social Security Disability (SSD) after a heart attack.

What should you do if someone suffers inhalation chemical burns?

Chemical burns are a serious problem in the industrial world where handling chemical compounds, solvents and acids is a commonplace activity. Employees can actually be seriously burned simply by inhaling the fumes of some chemicals.

Scaffolding accidents at Georgia construction sites

Construction sites are inherently dangerous due to their size, the equipment on the site and the amount of workers. With so many factors contributing to the site, injuries can occur when workers do not pay attention or the proper safety procedures are not followed. Accidents can also happen when safety procedures are followed completely.