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April 2017 Archives

Georgia's thriving film industry means new workplace safety woes

In Georgia, the term "industry" has long been associated with the agricultural, manufacturing and automotive worlds -- but thanks to some aggressive campaigning and incentives from the state, Georgia is now home to the nation's third largest film and television industry. Only California and New York have bigger shares of the industry as a whole.

Safety stand-down hosted by OSHA for landscapers

Since 2013 there have been six fatalities in the landscaping industry in the state of Georgia. The Department of Labor reports that since 2012, 64 people employed in the landscaping industry have been killed in Georgia, Florida, Alabama and Mississippi. The numbers in Florida have tripled since 2012. These numbers have caused alarm with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

How to avoid and reduce workplace injuries

Workplace injuries are commonplace, even in the safest work environments. Training and educational programs for workers are the best way to avoid and reduce workplace injuries. By reducing injuries to employees, your company will reduce the amount of workers' compensation claims paid out on an annual basis. Here's how to avoid and reduce workplace injuries in Atlanta.

Modifiying a bathroom after a spinal cord injury

Most people who experience a spinal cord injury at work are overwhelmed with the drastic changes they're experiencing in all aspects of their lives. They're also usually very concerned about the financial costs associated with such a severe injury -- but most aren't thinking past the initial hospital care and rehabilitative therapy.

How can forklift accidents be prevented?

Forklifts are convenient pieces of machinery that help warehouse and dock workers perform their jobs without burdening their bodies. Despite their convenience, forklifts are also very dangerous if not used properly. Employees who use forklifts should be properly trained and certified to do so. How can forklift accidents be prevented?

How asbestos exposure can lead to a mesothelioma diagnosis

Asbestos is a mineral that can be found organically in the environment in a number of everyday products, including insulation, shingles, brakes and flooring. Given its presence in a number of everyday products, once broken up, asbestos can be particularly harmful to an individual's health.

Common hazards to avoid if you work in an office

On the job injuries are not just for those who work in construction or on the power lines. Office jobs also have some inherent dangers that may happen if your employer does not focus on safety. Whether you are a secretary or an accountant, working in an office does not mean you should ignore safety concerns.

FAQ: Benefits available for disabling conditions

Injuries and illness are a part of everyday life, but sometimes they are damaging enough to prevent the victim from returning to work for a while. This is a scary situation. Missing work time creates difficulty in supporting the family and keeping up with the new medical bills. However, you may be eligible for disability benefits.