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December 2016 Archives

How to prevent heavy equipment accidents

Construction sites all over Atlanta, Georgia, have heavy equipment in use to move materials, dig holes and make the job as efficient as possible. But, if not used properly, this heavy equipment can cause serious injury or death. Preventing heavy equipment accidents is the main goal of all construction site foremen and here is how it's done.

Can chronic traumatic encephalopathy affect non-athletes?

Chronic traumatic encephalopathy has made major news in the last few years, thanks to the controversy and legal wrangling that evolved from a 2011 lawsuit with a few dozen plaintiffs—all former football players—into a class-action lawsuit that stands to benefit more than 20,000 former National Football League players and/or their families.

How to prepare for workplace safety hazards

You cannot avoid workplace injuries all of the time, but your employer is legally responsible to do everything possible to do so. Workplace safety hazards are everywhere, even in traditional office settings. Here's how you can prepare for workplace hazards as an employee.

5 signs you may have a brain injury

While some careers are more dangerous than others, accidents can happen anywhere. Employees are expected to follow certain rules and procedures, but when the negligence of others leads to an injury that seriously disrupts your life, it may affect everything from your finances to your personal relationships. Brain injuries can be particularly disruptive, and if they happen on the job, workers' compensation insurance may help to compensate you.

Construction accidents that can lead to spinal injury

Any accident that a construction worker is involved in can be a serious incident, but one that involves a spinal injury is especially frightening. A spinal injury isn't always something you can "bounce back" from with some medical care and rest. In some cases, a spinal injury could lead to a long recovery via rehabilitation. In others, someone who experiences a spinal injury could be confined to a wheelchair for years or the rest of his or her life.