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November 2016 Archives

Understanding your options during a workers' compensation case

Perhaps one of the biggest needs individuals have during a workers' compensation case -- outside of the obvious financial and medical concerns -- is an understanding of all their rights and options. It can be easy to feel like a small part caught in the machine when you are dealing with corporate departments and insurance plan providers, but you do have many rights that are important to protect throughout the process.

Understanding tendinitis, a common repetitive motion injury

When workers have to do the same exact task repeatedly -- such as when they're working on an assembly line -- it can lead to significant injuries. These are the result of the repetition over time, rather than one key event. This is especially a problem when workers do not take breaks or slow down because their production is being tracked.

Pipeline explodes, killing 1 worker and impacting fuel in Atlanta

A worker died after a recent pipeline explosion in a neighboring state. Residents of Atlanta are probably aware of the news story, because much has been made of whether the incident will impact fuel costs and inventory in the city and surrounding areas.

The 5 most dangerous jobs in America

Whether you are a retail clerk or an electrician, safety on the job should always be your number one concern. In an ideal world, you would always be secure while working and injuries would never happen. The reality is that there are many jobs that put workers in harm's way every single day. If you work in a hazardous industry, workers' compensation insurance may help to offset any medical or other costs you incur after an injury on the job. This is particularly important if you work at one of the five most dangerous jobs in America.

Poor indoor air quality can make you sick on the job

The quality of the air in your workplace can make a big difference to your health. If the air quality is poor, you could experience a range of symptoms, some of which might lead to serious health issues. If you are missing work because of such illnesses and you can prove they are related to the air quality in your place of employment, you might have a case for a workers' compensation claim.