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September 2016 Archives

Facing social isolation after a workplace injury

A workplace injury that sidelines you from both professional and recreational activities for any length of time can result in social anxiety. For many people, work isn't just a source of a paycheck. It might also be where they regularly connect with other people during the day or where they draw friendships from.

A possible financial circle related to workplace injuries

A recent study has found a possible correlation between finances within an organization and the rate of workplace injuries that occur. The gist of the study is that the worse off a company is financially, the greater the risk of workplace injury when compared with more cash-positive businesses in the same niche.

When is my injury not covered by worker's compensation?

The purpose of workers' compensation coverage is to ensure that employees who are injured while performing job duties are financially covered during recovery periods. That means covering the cost of medical treatments and possibly reimbursing employees for lost wages if they can't work because they are injured. However, workers' compensation doesn't cover all injuries, even when they occur on a job site.

A return to physical fitness following an injury

Last week, we discussed the prospect of returning to work after an on-the-job injury. It's important, we said, to ensure you are ready physically to return to work and not to do too much too soon. The same premise is true when returning to physical activity following an injury, as you don't want to complicate the injury by returning to full exercise too quickly.

Dealing with a partial return to work following an injury

We've discussed potential steps you might take following a workplace injury over the past few weeks, and we've also talked about ways that both employees and employers can increase safety in the workplace. Another issue that often comes up for those who are injured on the job is the return to work.