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August 2016 Archives

Don't face disability hearings alone

You've worked hard and paid into the Social Security system, and if you are injured, you expect that system to return some of what you put in. After all, that's how the program is set up. One thing many people don't realize is that Social Security Disability insurance doesn't always automatically payout, and if you get caught up in a hearing cycle, you can wait months or even years for payments.

Maintaining eye health at work

Did you know that August was Child Eye Safety Month? With kids heading back to school across the country, ensuring they all have the appropriate corrective vision wear when applicable is important. Teachers and others in schools also have to pay attention to safety precautions, especially in workshops or chemistry labs. But adults in the workplace can also benefit from studying up on eye safety.

Common terms related to chemical hazards in the workplace

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration makes it clear that employee training is a critical part of creating safety in the workplace. This is especially true in environments where hazardous chemicals are required or present. Workers must know how to use these substances appropriately or how to protect themselves from byproducts that are hazardous

The level of injury matters a great deal with spinal injuries

Spinal injuries are among the most severe kinds of injuries that a person can survive. Many who injure their spines in accidents on the job are never able to work again due to paralysis, or must seek a completely different type of job and work environment.