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May 2016 Archives

Get help navigating the Social Security disability system

When you think of Social Security, you probably think first about the payment you should get when you retire. This isn't a freebie offered by the federal government -- if you have been working for a certain number of years and paying taxes to the federal government, then you've been paying into the system. It actually works similar to an insurance premium -- you pay for many years so you can use the system when you need it.

Who is at risk for work-related injury in Georgia?

According to data published in 2014 by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, men in the state of Georgia were killed in almost ten times the number of fatal workplace accidents that women were killed in. The BLS also reports that workers aged 35 and above accounted for most of the fatal injuries during that year.

Do you practice good forklift safety?

Whether you are a certified forklift operator or simply work in a facility where forklifts are used, practicing good forklift safety can help reduce the chance that you or one of your coworkers is injured in a workplace accident. Even if you don't drive the forklift yourself, you should still understand a little about how one works to ensure safety.

How environment quality can impact health at work

Last week, we talked about how the way you sit at a computer or desk can impact your long-term health. The environment you work in -- and the quality of the air and other factors within that space -- can also cause health issues. Like repetitive motion injuries, health issues related to indoor environment quality can be difficult to pinpoint and trace back to the workspace.