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March 2016 Archives

What are some of the heat hazards to workers?

There are many jobs where employees are exposed to heat. For example, there are jobs which have high humidity and high air temperatures. However, there are many jobs that include strenuous activities or direct contact with hot objects. When it comes to heat exposure, thousands of workers will become ill because of the heat.

Worker in serious condition after fall from bridge

An injured worker was transported to Northeast Georgia Medical Center in Gainesville, where he was reported to be in serious condition after falling from the bridge he was painting on March 10. The man was working on the framework underneath the middle of the Dawsonville Highway Bridge late in the afternoon when he apparently lost his footing and fell 12 feet.

Workplace injury trends change with the seasons

Don't assume that workplace injuries are going to happen at a fairly even rate all year long. Studies have been done to look at the trends, and one of the findings was that the injury reports actually trend up and down in a fairly predictable manner depending on what season it is.

Workers shouldn't be responsible for spinal cord injury costs

There are several different injuries that can result from a workplace accident. One of these injuries is a spinal cord injury. A spinal cord injury can be a life-altering injury that can make it difficult for the victim to enjoy life as he or she once did. If you have suffered from a spinal cord injury that was caused by lax safety protocol in the workplace, you might decide that you need to take action.