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December 2015 Archives

Why are musculoskeletal disorders so common in workers?

People who work in construction and other physically-demanding jobs in Atlanta of course face the risk of injury. However, even people who sit at a desk for the better part of their workday can suffer from musculoskeletal disorders if they are performing repetitive motions or have to place their body in an awkward position to work. MSDs can impact nerves, muscles and tendons.

Brookhaven Starbucks employees robbed at gunpoint

The past year, we've seen more of than our fair share of high-profile stories involving fatal violence in places where people work. The San Bernardino massacre at a non-profit organization in which 14 people were killed and many more injured is just the latest.

Can you get workers' comp for second-hand smoke exposure?

Fortunately for those of us who don't smoke, the number of private and public locations where lighting up is forbidden has increased dramatically over the past few decades. That's particularly good news for employees who were forced to endure the second-hand smoke -- also known as environmental tobacco smoke -- of customers and fellow workers.

Benefits for families of public service employees

When public service employees—such as police officers or firefighters—pass away in the line of duty, the family that is left behind often feels overwhelmed. Clearly, this is an emotional time, but the financial stresses that go along with it can make it all too much. That family may have lost its only source of income. As such, there are some benefits that can be sought.