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November 2015 Archives

Are holiday employees eligible for workers' compensation?

During the holiday season, many businesses in Georgia, such as retailers, shipping companies, hotels and restaurants, hire part-time, temporary and seasonal employees. These employees are essential to helping them deal with the increased customer traffic and business. Further, places like Christmas tree lots and Christmas stores, which are open for a limited period of time each year, rely on these workers to do business.

Evaluating a return to work following a burn injury

A traumatic injury at work often requires taking time off for treatment and recovery. Severe or extensive burn injuries might require weeks to months of recovery, and it can be hard to tell if you're ready to return to work. At the same time, getting back into the work saddle can help you move on with recovery and seek normalcy in your life.

Poultry workers are at higher than average risk for injury

Animal advocates have long talked about the cruelty that animals who are consumed as food undergo on factory farms, slaughterhouses and industrial plants where they are raised and killed. However, the conditions for the humans who work in these places have also been a source of controversy. Among those workers are people employed by the poultry industry in Georgia and other states.

Fighting back against denied workers' compensation claims

The workers' compensation system is designed in part to provide vital financial protection for people who are injured on the job. It gives them money to help cover medical care, physical therapy, lost wages and retraining for a new job if necessary.