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August 2015 Archives

What jobs are most likely to cause lung disease?

Too many workers here in Georgia and around the country develop lung damage due to the conditions in which they work. Much of the damage is preventable if proper precautions are taken. However, not all employers take these precautions to protect their employees.

What are the leading causes of hotel cleaners' injuries?

When most of us stay in hotels, whether for business or vacation, it's a chance to leave the bed-making, trash emptying and tidying up to someone else. However, for the hotel workers who clean our rooms, the job can lead to physical ailments and injuries. According to a report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 5.8 percent of full-time hotel workers reported work-related illnesses and injuries, compared with 4.4 percent for private sector workers overall.

Health care workers and infectious diseases

Atlanta health care workers, by the very nature of their jobs, are exposed to numerous infectious diseases. Even people who don't work directly with patients, as nurses and doctors do, can be exposed by contact with laundry, fluids and bacteria themselves. These include housekeeping staff, lab technicians, security guards and administrative personnel.