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July 2015 Archives

Masonry worker injured at Georgia college dorm construction site

A masonry worker who was building a new elevator shaft was critically injured on July 17. The man was working at the site of a new dormitory at the College of Coastal Georgia when the accident occurred.

Hearing loss can be a permanent, devastating workplace injury

Heavy metal musicians are not the only ones who experience hearing loss on the job. Employees at construction, manufacturing and many other types of worksites may endure prolonged exposure to dangerously-high noise levels that can cost them their hearing. In some cases, just one loud noise, such as an explosion, can cause hearing damage.

Why are upper extremity injuries common for truck drivers?

It would seem reasonable to assume that most on-the-job injuries for the 2.5 million long-haul truck drivers in this country involve the back. They are in cramped quarters for extended hours and lifting heavy loads. However, those who know what the profession entails understand why injuries to the upper extremities are common as well.

Workplace violence a growing issue for health care workers

Nurses and others working in the health care field face the risk of a number of types of injury. These can include injuries from lifting and moving patients as well as the possibility of contracting diseases and infections from patients. Many people may not realize that violence is also a source of workplace injury for these employees.