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November 2014 Archives

Defining an "occupational disease"

While many employees are aware that they are entitled to worker's compensation when an on the job accident occurs, some Georgia workers may not know that they can also receive benefits when an illness develops because of a person's work conditions. An individual might suffer from an occupational disease when an infection or illness arises due to circumstances an employee encounters largely at work and not elsewhere.

Preventing falls in Georgia workplaces

While some jobs are more dangerous for Georgia employees, many construction workers are at risk for falls. However, employees who are required to walk on surfaces that are uneven or slippery, use ladders or work at a height of at least six feet above the ground may be more at risk than others.

What are OSHA's safety regulations for scaffolding?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration enforces regulations to which every employer and employee in Georgia who works on scaffolding must conform. These regulations involve the inspection and the design and construction of scaffolds. Inspection regulations require employers to have a competent individual inspect all scaffolding and scaffolding components for evident defects prior to every work shift. The person also needs to inspect all fall protection components, including body harnesses, drop lines, anchor points, lanyards and trolley lines. If there is any evidently worn or damaged equipment, it must be removed from use immediately. A competent individual must be present to supervise the assembly, disassembly, movement or modification of scaffolds as well.