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August 2014 Archives

OSHA proposes fines against Film Allman after train death

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration is holding Film Allman LLC, a production company, responsible for the death of a camera assistant and the injury of six other film workers in a Georgia train accident. The agency has proposed nearly $75,000 in fines against the company.

Construction workers' injuries may be covered by workers' comp

Injuries suffered by Georgia construction workers may be covered by workers' compensation insurance benefits, depending on the circumstances. In many cases, it comes down to the extent that the worker's employer is responsible for the injury. Workers' compensation laws do not bar employees from recovering for injuries caused by third parties, such as property owners or manufacturers of construction equipment.

Tractor accident kills worker at a Georgia country club

On July 28, an accident at a country club in Stone Mountain claimed the life of a worker while he was maintaining the club's grounds. According to the report, the accident occurred at the bottom of a narrow incline on the Smoke Rise Country Club's golf course when a male maintenance worker in his 20s was found dead under his tractor, which had overturned and trapped him beneath it. Since there were no witnesses to the accident, the time of its occurrence was unknown.