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July 2014 Archives

Georgia company cited by OSHA for serious violations

A Georgia logistics company is facing sanctions stemming from a May 7 fire at one of its warehouses. After completing an investigation into the incident, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration cited the company for three violations that are categorized as serious and carry fines totaling $16,840.

Federal government opens investigation into workplace injury

A government agency has launched an investigation into the employer of a man injured while working on a Georgia bridge. On July 16, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration opened the investigation into S&D Industrial Painting, a Florida-based company specializing in commercial painting. According to authorities, the man was painting the 13th Street Bridge, which crosses the Chattahoochee River, when he was hit by a metal object. He fell and became trapped in scaffolding, which was located 50 feet below the bridge.

Georgia worker dies after fall

A 51-year-old employee at a Kellogg's factory in Augusta died almost two weeks after he fell while working on June 24. The man was standing on the second or third rung of a 6-foot ladder when, according to the county coroner, he slipped from the ladder and hit his head and neck on a nearby piece of equipment. The man apparently did not initially show signs of a serious injury other than having a respiratory problem.

GM chemical explosion kills 1, injures 8

Georgia residents who drive GM manufactured vehicles may have been aware that GM had to recall 2.59 million Chevy Cobalts and other small cars after they were found responsible for causing at least 13 deaths. GM has been under scrutiny for taking more than 10 years to complete the task of getting the cars out of circulation. Amid the controversy over the Cobalts, GM has made the news yet again after an employee at their Marion Metal Center in Indiana was killed in a work accident.

The most dangerous jobs in the U.S.

Employees in Georgia may benefit from learning about the potentially fatal dangers involved with being at the workplace on a daily basis. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, there were approximately 3.2 deaths from workplace injuries occurring per 100,000 employees during 2012 in the United States. Data collected by the National Safety Council also cited odds for various causes of death such as the chances of getting struck by lightning and the frequency of death by heart disease.