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June 2014 Archives

Georgia plant employee's arm lost in workplace accident

A 27-year-old mam lost his arm in an industrial accident on June 21 in northwest Georgia at the Pirelli Tire North America factory, according to news reports. The report states that the man was working with a machine that processes rubber for use when his arm became stuck.

New silica standard set for 2016

Georgia silica manufacturers may need to change their processes if the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has anything to do with it. The assistant secretary of OSHA says that a proposed standard is in the works and is expected to finalize in 2016. Additional changes are being suggested to help decrease the number of workplace accidents that occur. Specifically, the Safety 2014's plenary session focused on fall prevention and incentives to protect temporary workers on June 10.

Injured film crew member files a lawsuit

Seven members of a crew were injured on February 20, 2014 when a freight train struck the Georgia location where a film was shooting. On May 29, a crew member injured in the collision filed a lawsuit against Gregg Allman, the film's executive producer, as well as against other producers associated with the film. This is the second lawsuit filed in conjunction with this incident. The week before, the parents of an assistant camera operator killed in the collision filed a wrongful death suit against the filmmakers.

Chemical plant inspections not sufficient for protection

Georgia workers may know that the Department of Homeland Security maintains a database of facilities that store ammonium nitrate, a combustive substance used in fertilizer and explosives. The database covers roughly one-third of all sites that store the mineral and federal regulatory agencies face company non-compliance, loopholes and exemptions that undermine their effectiveness in supervising it. A report revealed that problems exist at all levels, and President Obama has asked a working group to explore the situation. A Government Accountability Office report was recently released and points to numerous problems including worker protection.