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May 2014 Archives

Worker killed, 6 injured in Georgia film set train collision

On Feb. 20, a CSX train crashed into a film production crew that was shooting on a railroad bridge crossing the Altamaha River in Wayne County. The accident killed a 27-year-old woman who worked as a camera assistant and injured six other crew members. Following the crash, the film production was suspended, and the lead actor quit the project.

Crane operator injured when crane tips over

A Georgia company was inspecting a bridge when a crane tipped onto its side, pinning the crane operator down and causing him minor injuries. The man was expected to make a full recovery, but may have suffered a fractured pelvis and was likely to remain in the hospital at least overnight. His employer believes the accident was the result of operator error.

Chemicals used in processing chicken could be dangerous

The poultry industry in Georgia is the largest in the nation with about 100,000 people across the state working in the field. The state produces 26 million pounds of chicken each day which helps add $28 billion annually to the state's economy. However, plant employees and U.S. Department of Agriculture inspectors are complaining that they are becoming ill from the chemicals used while working with chicken.