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March 2014 Archives

Employer fined for safety violations in workers death

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration fined the owner of a company $57,000 for numerous violations in a fatal accident at a Georgia college. The work accident happened on Sept. 20, 2013, at East Georgia State College in Swainsboro. A 42-year-old worker fell to his death from scaffolding while applying stucco to a dormitory.

Schwan Atlanta frozen food plant and others fined by OSHA

The Atlanta facility of Schwan's Global Supply Chain Inc. of Minnesota, which employs about 14,000 people nationwide, was the subject of citations from the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration that were issued to the company and two other local companies. Those companies are providers of staffing services and maintenance to the Schwan Atlanta plant where they make frozen foods, including Mrs. Smith's desserts and Red Baron pizzas.

Springing forward to daylight savings increases work injuries

Georgia residents who have experienced feeling tired in the days after the switch to daylight saving time may be interested to know that they are not alone. Studies show that on average, Americans sleep 40 minutes less the Sunday night following the time change. That can lead to an increased likelihood of having a work-related injury the next day.

Film shooter's fatal workplace accident was not fiction

A recent film production shooting scenes in Georgia resulted in an accident that has left many members of the industry saddened. The incident occurred when a female camera assistant fell to her death from a narrow suspended railroad trestle during a shoot when a freight train unexpectedly came speeding towards the bridge. Although other crew members were able to make it to safety, she was not. It is unclear whether the production had obtained all required permits and clearances for shooting in that area.

2 men held criminally liable in plant explosion

Safety advocates in Georgia are watching a case where two men, both in former supervisor positions, entered no contest pleas to felonies when a water heater blew up and killed two employees in California in 2009. The plant manager and maintenance supervisor will complete 250 hours of community service and do not need to serve time in custody. They will also compensate the families of the victims $450,000 for the workplace accident.