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February 2014 Archives

Georgia post plant cited by OSHA for 22 violations plus penalties

Dupont Yard Inc. in Homerville runs a sawmill that makes posts for the construction of guardrails and for use on farms. During the last six years, they have had four Occupational Safety and Health Administration safety inspections and received 39 safety and health violations, according to an OSHA representative.

OSHA cites Georgia facility and staffing agency

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has issued health and safety citations to HP Pelzer Automotive Systems and the agency that provides it with temporary workers. Pelzer supplies car parts to major automakers, and has locations in Georgia and around the country.

Farmworkers embrace revisions to Worker Protection Standard

Georgia farmworkers may be pleased to hear that the Environmental Protection Agency has announced plans to propose changes to the Worker Protection Standard, which stipulates minimal protections against pesticide exposure in the workplace for farmworkers. This follows a federal Office of Management and Budget review, and the proposal is expected to be published for public comment in February.