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January 2014 Archives

Factory explosion results in 2 deaths, 10 injuries

Georgia workers may have heard that a factory explosion in Omaha, Nebraska, claimed the lives of at least two workers and injured at least 10 others. Recovery efforts continued the day after the Jan. 20 blast that twisted a portion of the International Nutrition factory building into an unstable, dangerous wreck. Reports indicate that the second and third floors collapsed onto the lower floor after the explosion damaged supports that were among the key structural elements.

Cold weather increases risks of work-related injury

Cold temperatures and fast winds can cause cold stress and related injuries for poorly protected outdoor workers in Georgia and throughout the country. Employers can go a long way toward helping their employees understand the warning signs of cold stress and the most effective techniques for protection. The emergency management director for OSHA state that the most common forms of cold-stress injury, including trench foot, hypothermia and frostbite, can be prevented through education and clothing as safety equipment.

Allegedly blacklisted trucker gets $100,000 after OSHA complaint

Georgia truck drivers may find relevant the news that the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration instructed a Missouri-based trucking company to pay a former employee more than $100,000. The payment was ordered after the driver claimed he was blacklisted in the commercial transportation industry for seeking medical attention following a work-related injury. The $100,994.24 was awarded for both lost wages and to compensate the driver for other damages. The motor carrier was also told to undertake corrective action to prevent the situation from arising again.

Deceased worker's family sues construction company

Those who live in Georgia might be interested in learning about a recent lawsuit concerning a worker who was killed on Dec. 3 at a construction site at Texas A&M. The 28-year-old worker was killed after he fell four stories while renovation work was being done on the football stadium at the university.